Designed by Parents for Parents

We bring families joy, peace of mind and ease through rugs designed with
intentionality, humanity and respect for our planet

Founder's Story

Sandy Wong

As a busy parent (now) with three kids and a dog, I don't have time to research for hours what materials and chemicals I need to be concerned about when buying something for my home. Often times, it's either the hubby that does the research for us or I simply choose to go without that object in my home.

That was exactly what happened when we had our first daughter. She learned to crawl on bare hardwood floors because I couldn't find a healthy floor cover option that was also dog friendly.

When I was pregnant with my son, I knew I had to figure something out quick. That was when I stumbled upon some beautiful brands from Europe that made machine washable area rugs from cotton using natural dyes. That was what sparked our parent company, Rugs by Roo, an online rug retail store that specializes in natural, kid & pet friendly area rugs.

One year into Rugs by Roo, I found myself drawn to making a difference not only in the lives of families that shop our rugs but also in the families that make our rugs. There are currently 152 million children involved in child labour in India, most being in the carpet and rug industry. As a business in the industry, I have a responsibility to make a difference and educating our customers around our social mission became our top priority.

The Evolution of


Tuft Love was quite literally dreamed up by our Rugs by Roo customers. Those who purchased our washable rugs told us that they wish it was organic. And those who purchased our organic rugs told us that they wish it was washable. That was the AHA moment two years ago.

Tuft Love brings families complete peace of mind knowing that their rug it is completely toxic free, made without child labour and that it can withstand any spills and messes caused by your curious little human or pet. We set out to create a rug that fulfilled on every desire including desires that you didn't even know you wanted.

Our Values


We observe and listen to others with compassion, affinity and curiosity. We bring forth change in the world for the benefit of humanity. We do what is right while recognizing that there is no right way to do it.


Everyone on the team is learning and growing every day through collaboration and communication. We empower each other to be the BEST versions of themselves by being the best version of OURSELVES. We create massive shift in communities that have never seen change before causing communities to live with abundance, freedom, ease and joy.


We curate and sell honest, thoughtful products with a clear purpose. We speak honestly and from our hearts with each other. We share our stories openly and create spaces for others to share theirs.

Adaptive Tenacity

We commit to our goals with a spirit of openhearted and earnest striving. We understand our roles are fluid and our mission is forever evolving but never regressing. We react swiftly and smartly to changes in our environment.